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The University of Tennessee's Fall Rush Week will begin on Tuesday, August 15th and conclude on Tuesday, August 22nd. Below is the schedule of events:


You must be registered with IFC at the link below in order to participate in any events.

If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Mcginn, at

(615)-720-6147 or Tanner Dallas at (540) 855-4022

For all chapter information and FAQ, visit

IFC Rush Schedule:

August 15th - Day 1:  Meet The Chapters
-(6-9 pm) 
August 16th - Day 2: IFC Academic Orientation
-(11 am) 
August 17th & 18th - Day 3 & 4: Community Round
-(1 pm-6:50 pm)
August 19th - Round 3
-(10:30 am-6:30 pm)
August 20th - Brotherhood Round (6 Chapters)
-(12 pm-5:45 pm)
August 21st - Brotherhood Round (2 Chapters)
-(2:30 pm-6:10 pm)
August 22nd - Bid Day











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