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The University of Tennessee's Spring Rush Week will begin on Sunday, January 31st and conclude on Wednesday, February 24. Below is the schedule of events:

You must be registered with IFC at the link below in order to participate in any events.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Noah Stowman, Recruitment Chairmen, at

For all chapter information and FAQ, visit

IFC Rush Schedule:

January 31st - Day 1:  Potential New Member Orientation
-(7-10 pm) Zoom
February 1st - Day 2: Brotherhood Day 1
-(6-10 pm) Zoom
February 2nd - Day 3: Brotherhood Day 2
-(6-10 pm) Zoom
February 3rd-24th: Open Recruitment
- Start of small group activities/ in-person visit
- Times of 8am-10pm are applicable to recruitment utilization
- Groups of no more than 10 people are allowed to congregate

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